I finally joined a knit swap. The swaps were always something I thought was really cool, but maybe I wasn't 'up to par' and nobody would want my stuff. I tried really hard to be objective, got out some of my knitting and compared it to the pattern photos and, where possible, photos that various bloggers had taken of the same item. Guess what? I'm not the best knitter in the world, but overall mine ain't too shabby!

I got some beautiful Regia silk from the
here and a gorgeous pattern from here. One sock is done and the other is well under way. If I ever find the cord to the camera, we might be able to get some photos on here.

Hawk, the chicken, had a sleepover last night. That's right. The little huz didn't even ask if it was OK, she just did it! When I went to change out the water and feed her this morning, I saw one of the neighbor's hens in there. Ah, well, she must get lonely down there by herself.

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