Shoulda checked the guage

I mentioned the nephew on the way. Well, there was this really cute hat that looked like the one Elmer Fudd wore when he was hunting Bugs Bunny. I cast on the 84 stitches and started knitting away. Awww, the little earflaps and fake shearling brim were gonna be so darn cute. Watching tv, knitting along, then finally, I looked at what I was doing. This sucker is HUGE! It dawns on me I didn't even check the guage. Instead of 5 spi called for, I was getting 3.5 spi. After measuring what I was knitting, it hits me that this is going to be big enough for my husband. Didn't make the earflaps, but did do whatever the hell you call the extension that goes from ear to ear across the back, and voila, my husband will have a toasty noggin come next winter.
On the Sockapalooza front, it turns out my recipient isn't wild about lace but loves cables. That's good. I can do that. Hmmm... had to put in a call to the folks at
The Fifth Stitch. A new pattern calls for new yarn, right? I intended to order one, just one, little skein of something pretty that would show off cables. I end up ordering more than one thing. I can't say I'm surprised; it happens every time. They totally understand what I'm saying when I describe a color (you know, like maple leaves in the fall when they're really red, but not gaudy). I've called with requests like this several times and they have never failed me! Gotta love that. Anyway, the new yarn should be here today, so I need to get finishing on the 'second draft' socks. You never know who might need some pretty green socks. (Yeay for the mail lady!! - 2 Opals in 2 different reddish colors - 2 Lornas Laces in a yellow/tan/rust/navy - 1 Anne in a rusty/grey/goldish) My buddy is a fall color kind of girl so I had to run the gamut to see what would look good with the pending pattern.

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Lana said...

I hope your camera gets back in working order soon; I'd love to see pictures of your new, scrumptious sock yarn and the cute hat!