Green Socks Done and Lots of Pictures

Finally got a cable to hook the camera up to the computer - geeesh. Gave up looking for the one we had and called big office supply chain. The person who answered the phone told me you can't buy those cables in any store. They have to be ordered direct from manufacturer via the internet. This was before she even asked who the manufacturer was. Hmmm.. I called Radio Shack and surprise surprise - no problem - come on in and we'll hook you up.

Anyway, I got the 'Second Draft' green socks done.
I don't remember what the original pattern was, but I remember I modified it down to a six stitch repeat and went from there. I think they turned out pretty nice.
There's still that problem of my downstream buddy liking fall colors, so I've started these: I'm using Opal in an orangey color that reminds me of maple leaves in the fall. It's dreary outside today so they are showing up dark. The pattern is Yukon Leaves.

I mentioned the baby hat I was making for the nephew to be. Here it is. Yeah, I know. I was watching tv, knitting along and never checked the gauge. Not once. Anyway, my husband is glad his new hat will keep his ears warm next winter.

Since I was bound and determined to have something done for the nephew to be, I made this:
Not the most inspired thing ever, but it's a start on the baby items he'll be getting.

The yarn I ordered last week got here on Saturday (48 hours). They have to hang out in here for a while until I can decide what patterns would show them off the best.The sad thing is, this isn't all of the stash. It's just what's close to hand in the living room. There's more in the attic and more in the office. What you going to do when there are so many beautiful yarns out there just begging for a new home?

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