First Draft

Finished the socks early this morning. The yarn, pattern, texture - all beautiful. Then I'm admiring how pretty they are and see that I've left out a row about 1-1/2" down from the ribbing. I don't mind frogging a couple or ten rows when I goof, but darned if I'm going to rip out 80% of a sock that still looks pretty darned good. My feet freeze here in the winter, so they'll be mine. These will just be considered a practice run for the Sockapalooza pair. I'm just going to blame this one on the dogs and start over.
Yeah, blame it on the dogs. Sleep is a major issue here. Actually, sleep deprivation is the issue. The night before last one of the dogs fell out of bed. Nothing like a huge thump at 1:00 am to start your heart and wake you up. This morning, the other dog had an upset stomach at 1:30. Let's see - - that's a total of 6-1/2 hours sleep in two nights. I'm thinking nap time.
It's supposed to be a gorgeous day here today, so maybe making use of the clothes line would be good. That dried in the sunshine smell can't be beat for sheets and blankets. I'm thinking pot of coffee, chores and start the next sock to work on during Survivor. It is Thursday, isn't it?

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