Hey Y'all

Yeah, I know it's a weirdass greeting, but I've said it all my life. Comes from growing up in the southern half of West Virginia. Just to answer before anyone asks, yes we have teeth. I know that's an odd start, but for some ungodly reason people actually ask.
My husband's job transfers him frequently, and in the seven years we've been married we've lived one place in West Virgina, two places in Ohio, two places in Tennessee, and we're on our second place in Pennsylvania. There are so many boxes that haven't EVER been unpacked that we are just going to write the kids names on them so when we die they won't have to bother trying to sort through who gets what stuff.
The animals who actually rule this place are Lucy the eleven year old labrador/mystery who was found in bad shape on the side of the road as a puppy. She's the 'mom' to all the others and still keeps them in line. Second is Princess the cat. She's the nine year old monster who feels free to wake me up at 2:00 am most mornings because the water in her dish isn't fresh enough. That's the last freakin' time an animal gets a name that implies any kind of rank or status around here. Third to come along is Friday cat. We ran out of any kind of imagination when it came to naming her. Since we got her on Good Friday, Friday she was. She's the baby of all the girls and at just over 28 pounds, she's a little hard to ignore. Nearly last is Skippy the beagle. He's a rescue from Hurricane Ivan in Florida. The least rumble of thunder and you've got a chubby beagle trying to wrap himself around your neck. Last (and least) is Hawk the chicken. She was found abandoned by a neighbor and came to live with us a couple of months ago. She's a little black chicken with a topknot of feathers and gives up a little brown egg about 5 times a week.
There - that's more than anyone in their right mind would ever want to know about our critters. At some point, there will actually be some knitting stuff on here and maybe some human family info..

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