Pictures of finished swap socks - maybe

Well, the socks for the swap are finished. It's always a let down in a way to be done with something.

So, I cast on these:

They are a shorter sock with some little black beads inserted to outline the arch. I'm not sure of the name of the colorway, but they are made out of Anne. Hmmm... maybe she'd like these instead. It looks like they are going to be really cute. Good grief, we all know by now I won't have a final decision until around midnight on August 1! I need to quit kidding myself and just keep doing what I do.

Here are the little socks and a new bib for the nephew to be: I won't be able to make the baby shower, but it will give me more time to make things and shop a little bit for him and his mom.

On the home front, Lucy and Princess have decided they are now best friends.

Here is the back porch, all cleaned and with new floor paint.

This is one of the doors going into the house from the porch. (There are two.) It's a terrible picture, but you can see it's all freshly painted with trim to match the floor paint. The best part of these doors is the top. See the little window? If you want to have some privacy and close the doors, you can still get a little breeze by leaving these windows open.

Just for my other mother since you asked:

Yep, it's the outhouse. Of all things, it's painted an eye-searing state road yellow on the inside. I grew up in West Virginia and lived in Tennessee, but never had one of these until we moved to Pennsylvania. Go figure...


Roobeedoo said...

Hi there! Thanks for your vote of confidence in my swap socks! Yours are looking fab - whichever it turns out to be for the swap!

Amanda said...

I'm not really sure exactly how I happened upon your blog, but I'm glad I did! Your socks are so inspiring.