I'm such a tech loser. There are some awesome photos on my phone and I can't get them on here.


I Got Nothin

Between crazy work schedule that conflicts with everyone else's in the house and my need for sleep, seems like a lot of things are going by the wayside.

I work 5 pm until somewhere between 3 and 5 am. Days off are through the week sometime. The hub works 8 am until between 5 and 6 pm through the week. The boy works 2 pm until between 10 and 11 pm with random days off. Talk about passing in the halls.

The best thing about it are that the dogs never get lonely because there is always someone here or on the way here and with time together as a family so limited, we rarely have time for any disagreements.

Just a hint: Getting food for a vegetarian from Outback is a sad, sad thing. However, the local Mexican restaurant has a few awesome choices.


Finally, finally, it snows. Just a wee skim, but snow.....