Still under way with the green

I'm loving the green socks I took a picture of yesterday. I'm around the heel and working on the decreases. For once, the more I look at a sock, the better I'm liking it. Wonder if the buddy likes green, too? If I get an email from her saying 'anything but green' , there's still a pretty lavender/blue color from this same purchase and thousands of pretty patterns out there to choose from.

Just a little side note. The dog in the header is our little Lucy. She's an eleven year old spoiled rotten 30+ pound labrador/mystery who thinks she's either our baby or a 300 pound guard wolf.

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Scarlett said...

I am not in the sock-a-poloza, but I like green alot?? (evil laugh)

I do admire how fast you knit, I knit terribly slow, which is why I declined to join. I didn't think someone would want me a partner....lol.