Stitch Markers For You

Yesterday I put on here about some stitch markers I'd made. Since I've got to do some chores around here today (4 animals = tons of hair everywhere), I'll make this short and sweet. Anyone want a pair of stitch markers? The camera batteries are dead, so I'll just say they're blue or (mostly) green. I figure the first five people that let me know they want them can have a pair. Just let me know a color preference and how to get them to you.
Got the five to go.. thanks for looking


Ana said...

I'll take a set in either green or blue. I'm not picky.

ana2_11@yahoo.com is my email address

blog address

s b said...

Seriously? Wow--that's nice. I'd love a set--no color preference. my email is justkeepknitting (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Lana said...

I'd love to learn how to make some!

Jess Poskozim said...

I'd love some... blue would be awesome.

Rebecca said...

Ooh cool! Me too.

No color preference. My email is heartknits@mail2rebecca.com

My blog is heartknits.wordpress.com


Robyn said...

that would be awesome! No color preference.

robynswords AT gmail DOT com


Lana said...

The stitch markers arrived, and they're so cute! They're perfect! And so thoughtfully packaged, too. Thank you! I'm going to blog about them.