Still Going

Knitting along on my (maybe) buddy socks today. Not much to show since I've been a slacker the past couple of days. The way I've got it figured, even if I slip up and my buddy finds out who I am, by the time mailing day comes there will between two and three pairs to choose from and the ones they receive will still be a surprise.
There was really not much in the way of knitting here yesterday. It was stitch marker day. We'd gone to a local craft store and got some cute beads. You know how it goes. You get a new toy and you have to play with it for a while. When it was over, there were ten new pairs of stitch markers and hundreds of tiny beads spilled on the carpet. Oh well, it needed vacuumed anyway.

Since there's nothing good in the way of buddy socks to show, here are some other socks that don't have homes yet. None of them are blocked yet. That's always the last thing I do before sending them off into the world.

Oh, and if the person who's knitting for me is reading this. The only things I don't like in socks are "neon" colors. They are def not my friends. Since I've quit working, my wardrobe is very simple and socks are the most colorful fun part . Jewel tones, earth tones, greens and blues like me ok. Darn that covers about everything but UT orange, chartruese and neon yellow doesn't it?

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For Exchanges said...

I am using purple, and blues.