It's a BOY! - Random sockiness

I knew my niece was having a baby. Knew it all along. For some ungodly reason I just assumed this one would be a girl. The other babies this year are girls. I've got pink girly stuff ready to go on the needles. Picked out a pattern for a beautiful little dress with a little leafy design around the neckline. Well, I get the phone call, he's a boy. I'm finding myself in a mad scramble to come up with boy ideas. There is an awfully cute little one piece outfit in an old 'Baby Bubbles' . I guess I could break down and buy some more yarn if I have to... ((snort - like I'm not dancing for joy that he's healthy and going to have a terrific mommy and I get an excuse to shop for yarn!!))

On the Sockapalooza front, my recipient emailed me. She seems very nice. Now that I 'know' the person getting the socks a little better, it's even more fun! My 'second draft' socks are coming along nicely, and hopefully in the next couple of days will be picture worthy.

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