The Cool Thing About Old Houses

The cool thing about old houses in this area are some of the details like these light fixtures in the ceiling:

Some old houses were originally built without closets, and have brass hooks on various walls like this:

The not so cool thing is pulling up the rugs in the bedrooms and finding lots of unfinished floor that needs stained and/or varnished, like this:

Lately I find my constant refrain to be, "One thing at a time, one thing at a time".

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Jess Poskozim said...

I completely understand... we moved into an old victorian 6 years ago. First step was putting in a shower. Then came the new roof, sanding/varnishing floors, redoing the woodwork, painting, etc... Good luck! It's definitely a labor of love.

Thank you for the stitch markers. They are lovely. My little girls think they are jewelry and keep trying to put them on.