Just a Random Weekend

Ahhhh. Random weekend with the hubby.
After he got off work on Saturday, we did absolutely nothing important! That's always a good thing. He usually works 6 days a week, so a day of piddling around is a real respite for him. Plus, I kind of like having him around. Activities included going to Ollie's and getting some books at a deep discount. Dinner. Playing with the dogs. Sleeping. Let's see, what else? Nothing. That's it. Not a damn thing, and it was good!
Today he's outside riding around as fast as he can mowing grass. Instead of Gene Kelly dancing to 'Singing in the Rain', he has the wife on the back porch yelling 'Mowing in the Rain', trying to dance with two left feet and laughing insanely. God has to love this man for putting up with this kind of silly crap all the time. For everyone I'd wish someone in their life who encourages them to be as silly as they need to be and loves them for it. I got really lucky with this guy.
As far as knitting goes, I've let the socks fall by the wayside for a few days and am making some mittens to give away. I'm sure they'll be a good thing for someone who would normally have cold hands, but they are a much better thing for me. When you give something, no matter how small, to someone who needs it you are giving a much larger gift to yourself.
Geeze, enough of the Pollyana stuff for one day. Have a good rest of the weekend.

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