Takin a Break

I'm taking a break from the MS3 stole. I made a mistake, oh so many rows back. Right now I need to decide if this is a mistake I can live with or not. If it's not, the ripping will commence. To keep myself from tearing it apart, I started a little project to distract myself for a bit.

It's cute and all, but can you see it ever looking like this? Talk about some severe blocking. We'll see. While you're over where the original picture is, you should look around. The lady does some gorgeous work.

On the animal front, Hawk (the little black chicken) decided she was going to sit on some eggs and become a mommy. When chickens are broody, they stay pretty much on the nest, don't eat well, don't visit their friends, don't go outside, all very boring for them. It's my fault, really. Her eggs are so small, I'll let them accumulate for several days before getting rid of them. There was no way those poor li'l eggs were going to be anything but a stinky mess. Hawk's boyfriend, Speckles, passed away some time back. I'm thinking there is no such thing as immaculate conception for hens. After several days, we finally caught her off the nest. Poor hubby had to stand guard while I did the egg-napping. She's out today visiting the neighbors, so all is forgiven.

I've got some more markers over at the other place if you'd like to see.

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Karen said...

Your scarf looks great - I bet it will block out just fine. I did a shawl with lots of lily of the valley for my sister for her wedding. If you want to see it, check out my blog (way at the beginning - it's what I first wrote about). Best of luck with your MS#3 - I am making it also. I find I make most of my errors in the second half of the row - I seem to make it to the center stitch okay, and then I mess up after that. It sure is a challenge!