Souper Sekrit - Not anymore..

OK, OK, I can't stand it any more. As of Today (and hopefully tomorrow), here is what my Sockapalooza pal is going to get. She doesn't have any idea who I am. Yep, I'm sure, so being the NON-able to keep a secret woman, here are the things for her package:

There are the fridgie magnets. They've got cable charts suitable for socks on them. My buddy isn't a lace fan, so cables it's cables for her.

I wash my hands so much when I'm knitting because of all the breaks to pet the dogs, feed the chicken, pick up the cats off my yarn... Anyway, my hands get really dry & rough. I got this to try out, and loved it, so I thought the buddy might like one, too.

And stitchmarkers.

If anyone has any suggestions for changes or additions to this, please, please, please let me know. (Just a thought - Wouldn't it be funny if my receiving buddy left a suggestion?)


Knitman said...

I bet she will be happy with those. the socks look great -I'd like to see them up close!

SecretSockPal said...

I'd also like to see them up close! That's a lovely package to send as well. Sometimes I include a postcard from my city and write some links on the back so that my pal can find out more about where I live if she (or he)likes.