Socks and Etiquette

For years, I've been trying to find a pattern for socks for my other mother. She has very thin ankles, and most patterns that will fit her on the foot are 'droopy' on her legs. I found a pattern for a pair of anklets and thought they would be perfect. I was telling her about it and explaining the only thing I could think of that would stay up on her legs would be a 2x2 rib. Turns out she LOVES a ribbed sock. She likes to turn them down in a cuff. Sigh. All those years I avoided it because it didn't seem 'girly'. Big ole smack in the head - ya gotta ask what your recipient likes! I've got a pair started, but just barely. Not enough done for any kind of a picture.

Still working on the MS3. Working on it again would probably be more accurate. Portions of the pattern are posted on Friday mornings, so it's a weekly knit.

Now for the etiquette portion of our program. There are several blogs I like to read often. If I want to put the links down the side of my blog, am I supposed to ask permission first? Is it good etiquette to inform the blog owners that the links are there? Do they just understand that some of us are curious/interested/nosy about what they are up to in their world and expect the links to happen out there?

Finding other little oddments to put in the Sockapalooza package. Nothing really pricey or unique, but things I like and hope that someone else will like too. Maybe not even necessarily sock or knitting related.

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