Cue the William Tell Overture and Lucky #12

Or, the theme to the old Lone Ranger television show. Tomorrow (Sunday) is our 7th anniversary. All day long the husband has been popping into various rooms and singing:

Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary
Haaaaaaaapppyyyyy Aniversary
Ah well, it doesn't read as cute as it sounds. We are on a mission to find a good Chinese restaurant to eat in tomorrow. My theory is when we walk in the door, take a deep sniff. I've always found that good Chinese restaurants have a great spicy garlicky smell when you step inside. If the smell isn't there, I vote we leave. He's really not loving this idea. It would be embarrasing to just walk out. I'm thinking if you haven't been seated yet, they can think you just changed your mind and decided to eat later. If we don't agree on anywhere new, there's always the terrific Mexican restaurant on Route 30.
We actually met in a bar back 9 years ago. I was there with a date and he was there to meet a mutual friend. It was a get together for a sort of birthday party (don't ask) for another person. We kind of hit it off as friends and left it there. Some time later, neither of us was seeing anyone and we went to get something to eat. No big deal. After a while, the friendship bloomed into something much better. (Bloomed! I can't freakin believe I said bloomed!) We had a lot of mutual friends who had very strong ideas about who each of us should be dating, not each other, so we kept it secret from just about everyone for months just to see what we wanted to do without any outside influence. Only one person figured it out! Ten months after the first meal, we decided to get married. Nine months after that we tied the knot.
The lucky #12 thing is just a set of strange coincidences: I'm 12 years older than my husband who is 12 years older than my son who is 12 years older than his son. Maybe we should play the lottery.

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