Finally a couple of pictures

I've been working along on the MS3 clues. It's cool enough to actually knit bit without feeling like you've got woolly spider webs stuck all over you! YEAY! Here are the long delayed pictures of Clue 2 completed.

This one is done exactly as written. I'm liking this a lot.


I'm one of those people who can never leave well enough alone, so I got 'bead happy' on this one.

For my not-knitting project, I made these. They are the result of a special request from a knitter on one of the lists I belong to. They're on little lobster style clasps so they can be attached directly to the knitting as well as slipped over a needle. The letters spell out knitting abbreviations. Hopefully, she'll like them. I think you can tell I'm a tad knitting obsessed here. I have some others for sale on my other blog here


stitchin' girl said...

Your stole is beautiful. The extra beading is really neat! I didn't even think to change anything about the pattern. I love your stitch markers also!

Arianwen said...

Beautiful knitting!! I am still on clue one first shawl so two is a very impressive number.

robin-m said...

very cute! I like both of your stoles -- and the stitch markers w/the lobster clasps are a great idea!