Lace of a Different Color and Chicken Woes

This is the same pattern from the MS3 knit along. This time, it's grey shetland wool. The grey was a little calmer than what I was looking for, so I added more beads than the pattern called for.

Several members in the knit along are guessing what the theme of the shawl is. The guesses are fun and several of them make me shake the cobwebs out to remember bits of Greek mythology. I believe they are going to give prizes for the correct guesses. I'll kick in a set of stitchmarkers for the winner(s).

Now for the chicken part:

I am one of those people who are easily manipulated by guilt. Look at me with soulful eyes and it's all over. Our chicken, Hawk, has been very leery of contact. If you went near her, she ran away as fast as her little drumsticks could go. Poor little thing..

I decided, like a dope, to 'make friends' with her. She spends the greater part of her days hanging out around the neighbor's chickens. They are in a pen in the corner where our yards join. Hmmm, how do you make friends with a bird. Food! Every day, out I'd go with a treat. Cornbread, bagel, cat chow (yep, they like cat chow). Pretty much anything they'll eat, which is just about anything. Now, when I step outside, the neighbor's chickens line up in a row along the side of their pen and little Hawk runs up doing her best imitation of a racing ostrich. Can't hang up laundry, go to the garage or step off the porch without having to pirouette through the poop! What was I thinking? She looks at me with those beady little chicken eyes and immediately there's this panic of "What can I feed her?" "She must be hungry". I'm spending way too much time scrounging through the kitchen for 'chicken treats'. Smack me now.


Ellen said...

I love your grey shetland wool, I bet it feels very nice to the touch!
For some reason I can't click on the picture to see an enlargement, but I seem to just barely see your additional beads along the inside of the "V". Nice!
Speaking of chicken; we had chicken for many years. Eventually, the foxes and coyotes got all but the rooster. His name is Horatio. He became so tame and was constantly looking for company since the goats didn't speak "chicken". He would just walk right through the open door and park his butt in my living room. The hubby wasn't too pleased with, and even less pleased with all the poop on the deck. Finally we found him a good home where he now has 10 girlfriends and thinks he's died and gone to heaven.
Good luck with Hawk, and maybe entertain the thought of placing her with other chicken for the company.......
By the way, congrats on a fairly new blog, it's fun, isn't it?

Susie said...

I like the additional beads - and all you double-stole folks have inspired me to cast on another in a different shade. We shall see!

Good luck with the coming clues :)