Lace just isn't the same

I'm in the MS3 knit along. Everyone is making a lace stole from a pattern that's being released a little bit at a time. Every Friday, the next section of the pattern is posted and away we go! I've finished the first part of the pattern that was posted this past Friday morning, and thought I'd show a picture of it.

Doesn't look like much, does it? That's the thing about lacy projects. They're really quiet fun to knit, but even after the knitting is done, they haven't reached their full potential. That will come when it's off the needles and blocked out. Mine is a tad 'loose', but I'm going for a larger, more open lace and this ought to do it.
On the Sockapalooza swap, my buddy socks have been finished for a while and the additional goody inventory for his/her package keeps changing. First it's one thing, then another. By the time it's time to ship out, it will hopefully be a fun little gift for him/her to open!

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