Just Doin' Stuff and Nothin'

Before I show off the knitting pictures, I gotta show you the husband's new work blog. He's moved operations and is now a loan officer at a different institution. They're providing him with a web space, but he was anxious to get a jump start. (Cute ain't he?)

My MS3 stole with lots of beads has been finished for a while. I sort of blocked it so I could take a picture. I'm sure if a decent photographer was around here, you could see all the little multi color sparkles throughout it. (Yeah, yeah, if frogs had wings on their rears, they wouldn't bump their butts when they jumped.) Anyway, here it is.

We were disappointed that the kids didn't get to come visit this weekend due to some health issues, BUT it probably worked out for the best since the refrigerator decided to punk out either late Friday night or early Saturday morning. (Where the heck can you find an appliance repair man on a holiday weekend?)

To keep busy, I started this;

It's the beginnings of a Peapod Baby Set from Knitting Daily. It actually won't be a set, because I won't make the hat, we all know this, so there's no point in lying.

I also made these:

I actually made something that matched! You've got to understand, I never knit matching items. I'll get tired of a pattern or a color or something and just move on to the next thing that catches my eye. When I was a kid they said, "She's got the attention span of a gnat!" It still applies.

I also did some stitch markers for the other place. You can go look at them here. Plus, there was some stuff being made sort of 'by request', that I needed to get a good start on. No pictures of that.

All in all, it was a nice holiday, where you quickly lose track of time.


Gammy aka Peggy said...

Very, very nice. The color is so soft and soothing.

MimiCatKnits said...

Hi, I just popped in from the MS3 group... your stole is beautiful! It looks so delicate! It'll be a "stunner" when its blocked!
Maria (Boston)

Knitman said...

You women are so lucky you can wear so much more, like this beautiful stole.

Now, can your husband arrange for a large, interest free, pay it it back if I want, loan? About a million?