Other people's cooking

What is it about someone else's cooking? Is it really better or just different?
When I first started to cook it was most certainly MUCH better than mine. Now I think it's just a nice, yummy change. Yesterday, for instance, my neighbors knew my husband was out of town and I'd be batchin' it for dinner, so she came over to get me when it was time for dinner. It was a very simple dinner of chili with rice and iced green tea. Mmmm mmmmm. Her chili is so good. It's similar to mine, but there are definite differences. We use different amounts of cumin, chili powder, onions, garlic, well shucks, just everything. They're both good, but for some reason hers was super good. The food was good, as was the tea.
I think it just boils down to someone taking the time to care if you were eating alone and including you as part of their family for dinner that makes everything so much better.

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