Just wondering...

I've been watching on the news about that picture some lady took on vacation and thought it might be the little missing girl in Europe. Within a couple of days with minimal information and a blurry picture, there were bunches of journalists converging on some family who happened to have a blonde daughter.

The part I wonder about is this. All these bloggers put up myriad pictures of their kids because they are proud that little 'Lucy'*and 'Skippy'* look so cute in their new outfit or whatever. Then, after they give out their kids' names, they proceed to tell you the name of the town they live in, where they shop on Tuesday afternoons, which park they take the children to for playtime, etc. Is it me, or is this just dangerous? There are strange people out there in the world, people. There are people that are harmful in their intent. It seems like it's being made too easy for these people to find these children if they stumble across the site where they are featured.....

Yeah, Yeah, I'm a worrywart. It's what I do. I do it often and well. I know I posted a picture of my grandchild to be a couple of weeks ago, but I'm relatively sure that nobody is going to recognize him/her from a picture taken when they were an 8 week fetus.

* Lucy and Skippy are our dogs names. Good luck dognapping them. One of them bites and the other is just a plain old pain in the ass.

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Diane said...

I think that sometimes people don't remember that blogs are out there for anyone to looks at unless you make it a closed blog.

I post pics of my grandkids all the time. They don't live by me, no first or last names given, and no pictures around their house at all. I usually don't discuss my own kids since they are all adults and I think it's an invasion of their privacy to discuss them "behind their backs" to anyone who happens to be reading that day.