Sock Swap Pictures FINALLY

Finally, finally,the camera came home and after a couple of days, the cord came home, too! Here are the long promised pictures of the awesomeness my sockapalooza upstream angel sent.

WARNING: You may experience fits of extreme jealousy!

Mmmmm... Yummy stuff to bake: A coconut brownie mix, scone mix and a white chocolate raspberry pie mix. Do you have any idea how hard it was to not scarf all this down pre-photo?

Twisted Sisters Sock WorkbBoo. This covers every aspect of making socks from plying the yarn to finishing techniques. An emergency skein of STR and a skein of Socks That Rock in woodsy fall colors:
Two - count em - two bags. One is a nifty little project bag in a gorgeou bright puzzle print and the other is a larger quilted bag with angels on the fabric. It's big enough to carry "road trip" knitting. (You know, when you're going somewhere and it's a long drive and you have to take 3-4-5 or 6 projects along to work on in the car.)
The best for last: Look at these socks! Perfect color (with little beads incorporated in the pattern), perfect fit and the best feeling softest yarn.. mmm... She even sent all the remaining yarn in case I needed to lengthen the socks. (Not gonna - I love them as they are.)

The other thing I've been working on are these: Awww, grandbaby socks. There's not really a pattern, but I blatantly copied the toe style from Colin and incorporated nupps which I just tried out on a practice piece recently.

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ooh I like those purple ones!