An ending and beginning

Well, I finished the little headband thingy. I put a button on it 'cause we don't want to mess up the li'l girl's hair just pulling it on her head, plus really old buttons are cool looking. It looks curvy because I did that on purpose with some short rows on the front. I believe it will make it fit better (if it's big enough at all). She's growing and we live so far apart current measurements are a dream. Anyway, here it is. If anyone wants, I'll write the pattern out and you can have it.

For the beginning, I finally started a Clapotis. The photo doesn't show true colors, which are more of a slightly faded daffodil. The needle on this is a US#2 which means lots of extra repeats/rows which is going to make this a much more long term project than I had in mind. Thank goodness it's good reading/watching tv knitting.

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