Happy Birthday...

Yep, it's today.
It's so funny, my hubby wants to make a big deal out of birthdays. For him, there is the obligatory day off work, dinner out, singing the birthday song and reminders for days before and after "It's my birthday!"
My birthday has never been a big deal. I don't remember any birthday celebrations growing up. I only remember two as an adult. One was the day my dad married my stepmother. She's been a great gift to our family for 24 years today. The other was one where my first husband planned a party and then took off for hours leaving me to make excuses for why he wasn't there - bleah... The cake was good, though.
Today has potential for a very good day. I'll get a brand spanky new PA driver's license. HOORAY! I'll be legal. I haven't driven for a while because I'm such a chicken about getting caught with an out of state license when we've lived here for a while. PLUS, we get to send off the paperwork that will conclude the sale of the house in Pittsburgh.
That will be the end of two mortgages, two sets of local taxes and two sets of utility bills. Whew!! What a relief. I may have to jump up and demonstrate my disco diva dance moves! With husband's change of job, struggle does not even begin to describe the effort to pay for both houses.
One thing that will prolong my birthday is that my son will get the date wrong. He has NEVER gotten my birthday right. He will call on the 11th to wish me happy birthday. He always thinks it's the 11th. One thing, he IS consistent about wishing me happy birthday every year. Hmmmm... I wonder if I can extend the spoiling from my husband to include all five days??


Alotta.knittin said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! You deserve the very best today and every day. Around my house we just keep celebrating anyone's birthday until they are satisfied...if that dinner at restaurant X wasn't great, let's try restaurant Y!! And if the carrot cake didn't do the trick, let's try devil's food!! Bottom line, it's your day, do it YOUR way!!

Bryony Ramsden said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go out, enjoy yourself - it only happens once in every 365 days a year, so do it :D