AANNDDD They're Off!!

The sockapalooza socks are gone. So far from home. All the way across the country. <> They've been such a part of the family, we miss them already. In addition to the orangey socks, I sent a pair of lacy socks in a bright pink/yellow Sockotta cotton. It just seemed too hot to not send some cooler socks in a summery colorway.

She's also getting the lotion, some cable patterns for socks charted onto fridgie magnets, stitchmarkers and a weirdass little bag to keep the markers in. The bag got worse and worse the more I tried to fix it.

I embroidered it, sewed it together (sewed is a relative term here) and then washed it. EEEeeek. I'd never used that type of embroidery thread and the colors bled. Mmmm... well then I thought I'd tea dye it since the color was relatively light. Poor baby. She's getting a dirty looking little bag with color bleeding onto the fabric, but by George she's getting something that I'm sure down to my toes that no other participant is getting!!

I forgot about taking the picture until my husband got back from the post office. Ahhh well. Maybe she'll post a picture of it on her blog as the fugliest present she ever got. I would agree.

Non-sock related. I'm still plugging away on the MS3. With the current clue, we seem to be going off at an angle. Almost a lazy L shape. The fabric is beginning to look like feathers down this section, which is appropriate since the theme is 'Swan Lake'. If the rest is as pretty as what there is so far, I can see making this one again, which is a major commitment for a project polygamist like me.

For some reason, I thought I'd gotten the number of projects down, but looking around, I see that they are still multiplying.

  • The Dad afghan (I hardly ever work on this one.) It was started while staying with my dad right before he passed away last year. It's one of those projects that makes you cry a little bit even as you are remembering the good things.
  • Mittens for donation - I still need to make 3 more pair
  • Cream color shawl
  • Grey shawl
  • Multi-color mitred rug from leftovers that will get felted when finished
  • Crochet curtains for downstairs bathroom
  • Lilly of the Valley Scarf
  • Socks for other-mother.

Plus I finally found a cute sweater pattern for the great-nephew that is eluding me at the moment. I haven't cast on for that yet, thank goodness. I probably should since he is due to arrive in this world next week sometime. (Oh Geeze - Great Nephew?!?!! - It seems like his mom, my niece was just in diapers herself a few months ago)

On the animal front, our chicken now has a round fuzzy butt. Yep she pretty much finished her little molting spree by plucking out her tail feathers the other night.

It looks like the not so fun issues we've been dealing with around here are starting to get resolved. It hasn't been fun. Kind of like that stupid joke about praying for patience - RIGHT NOW! I'm still learning to trust that if we do our best, it eventually will work out the way it's supposed to - even if it's not necessarily the way I want it to. Any kind thoughts you sent this way are greatly appreciated.

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s b said...

LOL--I'm glad you sent the bag. That sounds like a great socky package! :)