Wool in August

OK, is it my imagination, or am I crazy. It's waaaayyy over 90 degrees outside and I'm knitting on a shetland wool shawl. Draped over my lap, no less. Have I whined yet we don't have air conditioning? I think you've all heard enough about that so....

The MS3 stole is so pretty. It's not my knitting skills it's Melanie's pattern. The woman has skills plus she's got a very sneaky little evil twist. The instructions were extremely specific about putting a lifeline in a particular row. The only explanation given was you may need it. OK, I understand about lifelines, but why in that row? Why not the row below or 10 rows later? Hmmm... she's keeping mum about the whole thing until tomorrow. It ain't fair I tell ya! Torturing all those innocent knitters out there... Geeze Louise. I wish I could hold that many people in suspense over days and months. Skill, pure skill.

Animals are passed out in little baby heat comas all over the house. The only thing moving is sometimes a mouse. Yes, another one. We got rid of the one mouse and now there's another one. Unless it's the first one wanting another cat spit bath with a beer shower chaser. Someone or something will catch it soon, and we'll be mouseless again.

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