Where oh where has my buddy gone?

Before I whine, let me explain. I am still very excited and nervous about the Sockapalooza swap. Excited because someone is making something for me! That has never happened before, except for mom. Everyone knows that your mom is kinda sorta obligated. I'm nervous hoping my downstream buddy will like what I made her and what is going to be included with it. You know, the old performance anxiety thing.
Now for the whine thing to my downstream buddy: I mail, I check your blog and nothing. I realize that half the people in the free world are Harry Potter fans. I like the books myself, but I'm dyin' here. Don't you anticipate getting a present from a total stranger? Aren't you curious at all? Did you change your mind about participating? Are you still alive out there (or over there or down there)? Did I say something to offend you?
Whew! OK. I feel much better now. That kind of crap drives me crazy and my poor husband has heard me worrying about out way too much, so you guys got to hear it. Sorry.
Still swatching away for the MS3. I've done a 4th one, took a vote and it's the winner. You won't be inflicted with another picture, because the photos all look pretty much the same, but it's gonna be purty, indeed. Creamy white with pearlescent pastel beads.
I was making some more stitch markers the other day, (my other obsession) and realized that I've never seen a marker that wasn't made by me. There are pictures of them all over the place, but do any stores carry them? None that I've ever been to. Hmmm.. Oh well, I make what I like that seem to work for me. Just curious if anyone else was marker deprived.
The husband is outside mowing the grass - again. That makes 4 times in the last 10 days. Thank goodness he starts the new job Monday! We'll possibly have grass out there again.


For Exchanges said...

Well your upstream buddy has a question. What is your thoughts on beads? How high do you like your socks?

Lynn said...

Bounced over here after reading your comment elsewhere. Nice stitch markers! I like to make my own, too, and I have several sets of Clover {split and otherwise} that I have separated by size and color. Yeah, I'm just a little OCD, but not so much as you'd notice.

Bryony Ramsden said...

Don't worry too much about your downstream pal - sometimes no communication goes on between pals after the first bit until the very end, regardless of which way they go. I'm sure all will be well :)

Danielle said...

If you like exchanges & stitch markers, check out http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StuffKnittersWantandGottaHave_Exchange/. Its a group that exchanges stitch markers! I've had so much fun with it and they're easy & inexpensive to swap.