Today is a GOOD day.
Several of the mittens I've been working on to donate are almost done. For some reason, the cuffs and body roll along quickly, the thumbs are slower, and the weaving in of ends is done at a snail's pace. When the last thumbs are on and ends in, you get to see the pictures. Right now they're a little creepy.
Just like most of the knitters out there in knit-land, I can't wait to start a new project (or two). The Mystery Stole project is starting soon, and it's at the top of my list of 'wanna' projects right now. There's also
these really cute anklets in Knitty that look like an awfully fun, quick knit.
The husband got hired for his new job today. He's gone from auto finance to mortgage financing. His lending experience looks like it will give him a good basis to work from and he's in a much less stressful position. That's probably the #1 reason it feels like such a good day here.

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