Picture heavy post

Yesterday I was talking about all the this and that I'd been doing and promised to try and have pictures up today. Well, here they are.

I'd heard that mittens were needed for this winter in South Dakota. I had some leftover yarn. (Can you imagine that? A knitter with yarn leftovers.)

Yeah, we're Steelers fans here


I really wasn't loving the coral/blue on cream color, so I thought if I dyed it a bright cheery pink it might be good for some little girl. Well, the pink turned out to be this sort of UT orange with blue slubby spots. Still not loving this.
Let's go for some moss green. That gave me a green that may turn out to look sort of camo, so it's a good possibility.

Then there was the plain vanilla colored wool. Great for adults, but I'm thinking kids would want something more colorful. I tried for blue/purple stripes. Instead I got this, which is bright enough to suit a kid, don't ya think? Yep, those are pick up sticks. My size 2s were too small and the 3s were too big. Pick up sticks turned out to be halfway between and just the right size. An added bonus for using these is when your bored beagle does this: You have this to fall back on.

Here are the tags I made: I'm thinking besides care instructions, I'll make some that say "Made by___" or "Especially for ___"

Last but not least, here are stitch markers:

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