Bad Distracted Blogger

There's just been too much 'stuff' going on around here for much in the way of work on next Sockapalooza posibility.

The Blech!

  • Hours upon hours spent on the phone with satellite company just trying to get a picture on the tv. This has been going on for a couple of weeks. You watch 10 or 15 minutes and the $%^& box resets itself.
  • Two service calls and two FedEx visits for the same thing.
  • Massive amounts of time on the phone with Realtor.
  • Ditto with the closing company.
  • Phone calls getting documentation from outside sources for the closing company.

The Fun!

  • Knitting a couple of pairs of mittens for charity - I need to do more. (Pictures should be up tomorrow)
  • Dying some boring yarn into something I think kids would find more attractive for the mittens. (Ditto pics)
  • Making more stitch markers. (Ditto pics)
  • Trying and failing miserably to chart a pattern I'd like for a possible shawl. I will design one that I like!
  • Making some cute 'Care' tags for knit items. Mostly I gift machine washable/dryable to non-knitters, but for the others, some sort of tag needs to be attached. (Ditto pics)

I promise, on my honor, to do my best to do my duty..... ooops sorry about that. I really will try to be more consistent.

ps. Sis, I mailed the stitch markers out today! Hope they're enjoyed.


Lana said...

It certainly sounds like you have your plate full! I hope things calm down for you soon, and good luck!

Lynn said...

Grumperina has a great tutorial on making custom clothing tags using inkjet printer iron-on transfer paper and satin ribbon: http://www.grumperina.com/knitting.htm