Some days....

...are just like that, aren't they.

I like knitted stuffed animals, I really, really do, BUT I don't like sewing a bunch of little pieces together. I decided that there was going to be a teddy bear that didn't require a lot of pieces. Sat myself down with my needles and started knitting.

Knit two little feet and legs, attached a rounded booty, chubby tummy, couple of arms, skinnied everything down for a neck, chubbed it up again for a head with turned up nose, on and on for days this went. Stuffed the sucker, picked up and knit on a couple of ears. Ta-da!!! The only seam was about 2 inches across the top of the head. I wrote out what I was doing row by row. To make sure it wouldn't get lost, it was written in hot pink highlighter on a sketch pad.

"So, what's the problem?" you may ask. Well, it's so darn cute even if it is nekkid and lacking features that I wanted to share this with you. The freakin' camera batteries are dead! Aaarghh!!!! Surely we'll get around to getting some new batteries soon and THEN you can see how cute he turned out with his big ole belly.

Got the grandchild to be a sweater finished except for weaving in some ends. It's blue and white. Even though the blue is a bright turqoise, it's lacy enough that it could be acceptable for a girl with the right buttons. This non-gender specific knitting is going to have me sewing on dozens of buttons when we find out if this kid is a boy or girl. Have I mentioned enough times that I'm not a seamstress??

Pictures of that to come, too.

Anyway, I've got the endless Clapotis still going on - just a hint - don't knit this on US2 needles with lots of extra repeats. It's good reading knitting or TV knitting, but if that's all you're doing, it gets a little mind-numbing.

Also got one of the lacy toe up socks for one of the husband's processors almost done. They're going to be short house socks and I'm on the last couple of rows of ribbing at the top. (Ditto on the pics)

The 'Secret of the Stole' starts Friday, so I should probably finish up a couple of things.

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