Rollercoaster ride

Whew! I'll be so glad when this summer is really done, not just calendar done. Everyone has periods in their lives that are just bursting at the seams with turmoil. This summer has surely been one of those for us.

  1. Husband changed jobs to a commission position where you have to build a client base. The outlook on this is extremely good, but until you build up your base, it's a struggle.
  2. You get a gift package in an exchange from a total stranger who gave you the most awesome perfect gifts.
  3. DIL & Son get pregnant. This is the second time in the past 5 years that I have actually burst into big blubbery snotty tears because I was so happy.
  4. We thought the baby was lost. Heartbroken and mourning someone we truly loved but had never met.
  5. Washing machine dies.
  6. Landromat has city water and the white clothes are MUCH whiter.
  7. Refrigerator dies.
  8. Find out the baby is fine. (We are crediting a miracle for this one) DIL is fine. There goes the ole chubby woman happy dancing around the house and doing lots of baby knitting.
  9. Realize how big your stash is and you've got plent of yarn for all the knitting
  10. Water pump dies. This is even MORE fun than the refrigerator dying. Neighbors are generous with letting us haul buckets of water. You realize that you CAN take a shower with a few pitchers of water if you're careful and you really don't need to keep the water running that much when you're doing dishes.
  11. Your best friend's son makes it back from Iraq safely.
  12. New water pump! Husband is downstairs with neighbor putting in a new one even as this is getting typed.

You realize you are so blessed to have a husband who works so hard doing unfamiliar chores and jobs because it's for you. There ARE miracles (See #7 for this one). A good neighbor is a true gift and should be appreciated. For every crummy thing that happens, the good things that happen outweigh them immeasurably.


triconette said...

gee, these are events!

UnusuallyHeather said...

Wow! Thankfully my summer has been relatively tame compared to your events.