Finally a sweater

Not that the sweater took that long, it's just that it is the ONLY thing I've finished in a while exept for the Clapotis. There will be no pictures of the Clapotis on here. It's a very easy knit and everyone has shown pictures of it to death. I made the mistake of using a thin fingering weight (if there is such a thing) and size 2 US needles. It made it necessary to do LOTS of increases and LOTS of repeats and to be honest, it really is pretty, but I'm sick of looking at it right now.

It started out as a pattern I'd found, but I modified it to death since I didn't like the sleeves and the bottom. I can say, however, it is a raglan sweater.

This was made out of CARON SIMPLY SOFT SHADOWS in the 'Autumn' colorway. Hopefully it will be big enough to fit mystery baby when the weather cools down next fall. PLUS next week, the kids will find out if it's a boy or girl (if he/she isn't too modest) and everything should be color/pattern suitable after that.

The reason I picked this color was 1) I liked the long changes in it and 2) SOMEBODY ought to be having a redhead at some point in time.
  • I'm a redhead (sort of old penny, but still)
  • My mom was a redhead (true auburn)
  • TWO my son's great grandmas were redheads

That li'l gene is gonna pop out somewhere, so just in case ....

I've also been moving a lot of my knitting stuff into one room. It has taken over the whole house and HAS to be gotten back under control.


Not much, but a start and this room as the added benefit of having access to a full attic if the stash starts to explode again.


John said...

can you knit me a handkerchief? eheh :)

Bryony Ramsden said...

Awww that's such a cute little sweater! And lovely colours, especially for a redhead at this time of year ;)

Diane said...

Perfect sweater for a boy or girl. I love things that aren't in the traditional baby colors.

Stash controled to only one room of the house? Shhhh don't tell my hubby. lol