Such a Slacker

Yep, that's me. I just realized how long it's been. Somebody should have smacked me way before now.

First off the important stuff. I'm a participant in the Traveling Shawl that's working it's way across the country being worked on by knitters in all fifty states. The purpose is to raise funds towards breast cancer research and hopefully a cure very soon.

For all the details and links and such, someone else put it much better than I can, so here you go:

  • During the coming twelve months selected knitters from across the United States will be going Passionately Pink for the Cure® by working on the Traveling Shawl to raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.
  • It’s passionate, because the need to end breast cancer is so urgent. It’s pink, because that’s the color we’ll wear to accomplish our goal.
  • Participating is simple. One knitter from each state is adding six to eight rows of intricate lace knitting to a beautiful pink shawl that when completed will be raffled. To enter chances to win the Traveling Shawl make a donation of $5 or more to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, the leader of the global breast cancer movement.
  • If you’d like to contribute online, please use the link below. In return for your contribution, you’ll get a pink ribbon pin and the satisfaction of helping to move us closer to a world free of breast cancer. To enter the drawing, when you receive an email confirmation of your donation send a copy to travelingshawl@gmail.com . For each $5 donated you’ll be entered in the drawing for a chance to own the completed Traveling Shawl!
  • Thanks in advance for your help and for showing your true colors by going Passionately Pink for the Cure.
  • Donation page
  • Follow the progress of the shawl and share the journey!
  • http://traveling50statesshawl.blogspot.com/
  • Here is a picture of how far it's been knit as of Saturday (12/20/08)

Raffle.. $5 for a chance to win the shawl.. Did you read that? wooohoooo.

Sometimes it gets a tad bit crowded around here to knit, so you HAVE to take breaks...

Sometimes you have to power through and do the sweater and beaded backpack anyway

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