Lots of cool stuff

If I were getting grades for originality of blog titles, it would have to be at least a D, but what the heck. It's mine and that's that.

I finished up the 'Hey Teach' from the Summer Knitty. It's funny. A really quick knit, easy to remember lace pattern and stash yarn, yet it's gotten more compliments than things that have taken much more time and effort to complete. Just goes to show that a good design shines through.

I've also joined a cooperative knitting effort. You can read about it here. When it's all done, it will have been to all 50 states with people from every state taking a part in knitting it. It will be raffled off to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation for breast cancer. It looks like the raffle tickets will be $10 each. For the winner, that's going to be a great deal. For everyone else, they should get a great feeling of doing something good for not a whole lot of money.

That's it for now. If I ever get around to putting batteries in the camera, you guys can see some pics.

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