Happy New Year - finally.

The Holidays are finally over. That sounds a little grumpy, but I don't mean it to at all. We had a very nice Christmas after all. Wow, that sounded sort of grumpy, too.

It was an odd Christmas overall. The first time we had two grandkids to see. The older one is a joy and such a girly girl all around. The youngest was crawling everywhere. What a hoot! She thinks she's so big.

We went to the hub's parents' houses. Everyone was nice and got along and it was so drama free and without stress. When you've had a lot of drama, drama-free is so extremely nice.

I guess the shawl is making it's way across the country at light speed. It's actually ahead of schedule a bit which is great news. The pictures on here and on the blog for the shawl are showing it as a work in progress. I wish people who aren't knitters could envision how it's going to look after it's finished, washed and blocked. The difference will be night and day. It's going to be amazingly beautiful.

I'm reminded of how fortunate we are here. We have a warm place to live, food in the fridge, our kids are healthy, ditto the grandkids, I just got called back to work (not full time, but every bit helps) and our pets are spoiled rotten. Those things are HUGE. Agreed, it's not fun to not go shopping for "stuff", or go to movies or restaurants with no thought, or any of the various other ways we used to entertain ourselves, but we are trying to concentrate on what we do have, and it's more than sufficient.

One thing I want to remember to do this year is a little more charity knitting. When I think about it, there are yarns in my stash that aren't colors or types that my family would like, but someone else may adore, knitting is pretty much an obsession of mine, and there are so many people who would love to be warmer or just to know that someone had a little thought to their comfort. Charity knitting is a win-win for everyone.

Sometimes it does get a little crowded on the couch to be flailing about with pointy sticks:


Maybe if I put a little list thing on here, it will motivate me to do more.

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