Finally, a few pictures

I told you that there really was some knitting going on around here. This is the baby sweater I talked about in my last post:


It's the Kipling Baby Sweater from Yarn Abuse.
That creepy stuff hanging down in the top right corner of the picture is my hair. My bangs are out of control and will probably stay that way for a while until they grow out to a more manageable length.

Here are the Spring Forward socks out of the last Knitty. They were a nice quick knit and the yellow colors seemed to fit them.

Last is a little raglan/lace sweater I made up as I went along for another baby girl on the way. It isn't laying too straight in the picture, but it hasn't been washed or blocked yet.


You can see that there are threads to be woven in, but all that is the last thing before the final wash before it gets gifted away.

There are more, but company's on the way and I'm out of time for now.

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