Cowgirl Butterfly Astronaut Vest

Love the name of this pattern. I found it here. This lady has some really cute patterns, and I am so glad she chooses to share them out. My worst problem with making this was finding buttons I thought were cute enough. (I'm actually still debating).


The fine folks at Ravelry are holding Ravolympics (not sure I spelled that right), and I entered an event for making a sweater while the Olympics are going on. It's running a tad bit behind for two reasons. The first was company for two nights (which was great!) and the second was that I apparently can't count to 39. I did the same set of 39 increases a couple of times and didn't come up with the right number at all. After the second frogging, it's finally right and ready to move on.

Here she is so far:


Not much to look at yet, but hope springs eternal.

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