I'm still alive out here.

It's been so insane and so many things have happened over the last few months. We moved from one state to another - which in itself is a major pain when you 'do it yourself'. I don't think we'll ever find everything, but the kitchen is set up, we've got beds and clothes and the pets, so the important things are done. Everything else is just gravy and we'll get to it at some point in time.

I gave away the chicken, because you really can't keep poultry in a subdivision. With the price of eggs going sky high, I'm wondering if I can't get a couple of hens and pretend they're some sort of exotic parrot or something.

We had fostered out the cats, and now have one (the big one at the top of this thing) back. She's lost 8 pounds and is down to a practically svelte 19.5 pounds. We're so excited at how well she's doing getting around and grooming herself that we're spoiling her unmercifully. She's actually turning into a yowling brat. The little cat was adopted permanently by a young lady who can spend a lot of time and give her undivided attention. We miss her, but it is a win for her since she's a very needy girl when it comes to petting and loving. I just hope she gets the occassional Cheetoh. She loves those things.

Best of all, we have a beautiful, gorgeous, perfect new granddaughter who looks amazingly like her big sister and her mother. She arrived a little early and was a little small, but is doing terrific. Of course I went over her with a fine toothed comb to see if there was any teensy tiny resemblance to me or my son anywhere. (I can't help it, I'm just weird like that!) She got her dad's curly hair and her second toe is longer than her big toe like mine. We are NOT going to mention anything about any sort of Irish temper! I will deny, deny, deny that she got that from her paternal side of the family.

The knitting has been so slow lately. It's just been tough getting back in the groove while going back to work and being overwhelmed with ch-ch-changes.... I'll get there, it's just slow for us old grammies. Heh..

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Diane said...

Congrats on your new granddaughter. Better get out those needles and make her something cute.