Friday Diet

Friday the cat has been on a diet and has lost a tad over 9 pounds. In the grand scheme of things 9 pounds isn't a lot, but when you're only about 8 or 9 inches tall at the shoulder....dayum.

She's lost one third of her total body weight. And she's still chubby! Her middle name has been Sumo for years and we're not yet ready to go through a name change yet. We really aren't starving her. (Ignore her yowling to be fed every morning at 4:00!) It's taken about 9 months and a couple of vet visits, but she's well on her way to finding out what the term 'catlike grace' means. Yeay Friday!

Another li'l thing that gave me a big loopy grin was a phone call from my sis. For a little background, you probably should know that every week, I make flyers for my boss. The flyers are pictures of animals that are ready for adoption at a local animal shelter. After they're printed up, off they go to local vets and groomers in the hopes some of their customers will see a pet they can't live without. Anyway, back to the sister call. She told me that one of her friends adopted a puppy from the shelter.. It's this little guy:


Kathleen C. said...

Boy, I admire your getting your cat to thin down so much! Our big male orange is on a diet and he is *not* happy. Our little tabby was right on the edge so she's being watched as well, but she's dealing with it fine.
I figure that the male was once a stray, and so limiting food must seem threatening to him. It reminds him of the bad times.
Poor baby. We'll just have to love him all the more to reassure him.

Diane said...

If Friday didn't yowl to be fed at 4:00 she's yowl about something else .... cats always have something they need to nag you about. My biggest cat is currently 16 lbs but he's just a big guy. Has paws that look like oven mitts. lol. Can't imagine a 27 lb cat.

Pretty exciting about that cute pup finding a new home. You must be so proud for having a hand in that. All my cats are rescue cats and I'm currently taking care of a couple feral kittens until they get their new homes.