Cat update

Well, the baby cat (she's 8, but still she's the youngest cat) is much better now. Actually fully recovered. She's been placed on the "Catkins" diet. That means wet food that is all meat with no gravy or veggies. The first couple of days were really rough for her because she is the one who would ONLY eat dry food. No interest in tuna, any other type of fish, or any meat. The picture at the top isn't her at her top weight of 28-1/2 lbs,, but still. She's down to about 21 lbs and still is a total lap full.

The other cat will do about anything for a piece of roast beef, and heaven help you if you got Cheetos. She'll just about jump down in the bag to defend her share. She, of course, tops out at a scrawny 7 pounds.

I've mostly been working on the Queen Anne's Lace circular shawl. This morning I wanted to see what it looked like other than a ginormous hat bunched up on the needles. I threaded waste yarn and spread it out. It still has a way to go, but Oh My Goodness. It's freakin' awesome. This is one of the few times ever that I've looked at my own knitting and been impressed.

It's actually an easy pattern and not an extremely intricate design, but is just perfect for it's intended use. The link takes you to Men Who Knit which will take you to the pattern.

The camera went to work with the husband, so no pics today, but soon.

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